Professional Integrity, Veteran Mason, Trade Expertise

Darrell Kaiser

Darrell Kaiser, began his masonry career over 25+ years ago in the backcountry of Oregon and Washington. A master builder of dry stack retaining walls, Darrell’s construction and design was tasked with holding in hillsides in some of the most challenging terrain. His walls are still standing throughout the High Desert and North Cascades range of the Pacific Northwest.

Today, Darrell owns and operates Blackstone Masonry, a full-service masonry company built on the culmination of decades of masonry and construction experience. We manage and operate our own excavation, drainage, concrete, masonry, and general construction. We have long-standing professional relationships with specialty contractors should your project require.


It looks pretty…

but how long will it last?

Plenty of contractors and landscapers will tell you they can repair your chimney, install stone, build your wall or construct your paver patio. But how long will it last before the issues appear and you need to hire an experienced mason to diagnose and fix the problem? We are different; we do it right the first time. As a result, we have a long history of satisfied and grateful customers. Our trade expertise and professional integrity sets us apart.

We don’t cut corners.
We are professional masons.
We do it right the first time.